Directed By
Krysia Plonka
Narrative Short

Brooklyn Moving Company (SeriesFest - free!)

An upbeat crew of Brooklyn-based furniture movers take it upon themselves to transform the turbulent lives of their unsuspecting clientele through the power of song.

DIRECTOR Krysia Plonka

PRODUCERS Krysia Plonka, Tracey Baird, Gene Hess, Nick Collins, Jessie Ruane, Molly Ryan

WRITERS Ryan Harrington, Isaac Himmelman, Brendan Ryan

CAST Ryan Harrington, Isaac Himmelman, Jessie Ruane, Brendan Ryan, Wayne Mackins, Rob Ventre, Kym Zlogar, Mac Edgerly, Molly Ryan, Scott Swayze, Oona Dolven, Ben Maters, Arielle Haller-Silverstone

In the SeriesFest (Free!) program.

Friday, September 27 at 4:00PM in Bay County Historical Museum