Directed By
Kim Stricker, Michael Pfaendtner
Narrative Short (Michigan Films)

Finding Happiness Six-Pack

Documentary Short

According to a recent study released in March 2018, Detroit was officially the unhappiest city. Really? Are Detroiters really unhappy? Finding Happiness Detroit is a series of 60 second tiny documentaries showcasing the interesting, unusual, inspiring and jubilant stories that make up the City of Detroit.

Directors & Producers: Kim Stricker, Michael Pfaendtner | Cast: Brad Petrinec, Deon Forrest, Grace Bayer, Richard Skelton, Amy Johnson, Todd LaRosa | Editor: Michael Pfaendtner | Previously Screened At: Prairie State Film Festival, Highway 61 Film Festival

In the Michigan Matinee Shorts program.

Saturday, September 28 at 11:00AM in State Theatre