Directed By
Maegan Houang
Narrative Short

In Full Bloom

Experimental Short, Animation, Sci-Fi

In Full Bloom is a surrealist short film about overcoming the loss of a partner within the parameters of living as a female Vietnamese immigrant.

After her husband’s death, Cecile becomes an agoraphobic hoarder, paradoxically practicing what she loves — gardening — indoors without the help of direct sunlight. She orders worms to grow a rare flower.

Though they help the flower grow, the development comes at a price when the worms create a black hole that absorbs everything she cherishes. With her home unrecognizably empty, she has no choice but to leave for the first time since her husband died and re-assimilate into society on her own terms.

Director: Maegan Houang | Cast: Kieu Chinh | Cinematographer: Christopher Ripley | Production Designer: Emmy Eves | Previously Screened At: Atlanta Film Festival Atlanta, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

In the Friday Morning Shorts program.

Friday, September 27 at 11:00AM in Delta College Planetarium