Directed By
Adam Jenkins
Narrative Short

Game Over

Action, Drama,

A routine patrol for two soldiers becomes a cat-and-mouse, life-or-death ordeal when a sniper targets them.

Director: Adam Jenkins | Writers & Producers: Adam Jenkins, David Kline | Cast: Blake Harrison, Gemma Whelan, Naomi Battrick, Kayode Akinyemi, Jake Cash, Shelby Thomas, Mickell Stewart | Directors of Photography: Werner Van Peppen & Sundeep Reddy | Editor: Christopher Frith | Sound Designer: Anthony Berardo | Composer: Joe Kraemer | Production Designer: Amy Maguire | Costume Designer: Jemima Cotter | Hair & Makeup: Marga Sanchez & Denise Stocker | VFX: Jonathan Alenskas | Associate Producer: Francois Kamffer | Visual Effects Artist: Lee Watson | Previously Screened At: LA Shorts, Kerry Film Festival

In the Friday Morning Shorts program.

Friday, September 27 at 11:00AM in Delta College Planetarium