Directed By
Ronald Short
Narrative Feature

Good Feels On wheels


Good Feels on Wheels follows a twentysomething, Opal, during her weekend trip to Austin, Texas. After her long-distance romantic interest stands her up, she roams the streets of the hip city, aching for a connection. She hadn’t planned on traveling alone, but that’s how she finds herself when she meets Wyatt. And though they stumbled upon each other under somewhat undesirable circumstances, the pair set out for a day in the city that Opal will never forget (no matter how hard she may try).

Programmer’s Notes: A hangout movie about an emerging friendship. Breezy and intimate, with fresh dialogue and humor from beginning to end. Shot on an impressively small budget, the final product reminds us of some of our favorite independent films that we’ve shown at HHM.

Writer, Director, & Producer: Ronald Short

Producer: Ami Kane

Cast: Stephanie Thoreson, Ronald Short

Previously Screened At: Lone Star Film Festival, Indy Film Festival (Best Feature - Audience)

Friday, September 27 at 9:00PM in State Theatre