Directed By
Matthew-Lee Erlbach
Narrative Short

Human Interest (SeriesFest - free!)

Human Interest is a dry comedy series based on real people exploring loneliness, community, and our relationship with technology. From competitive whistlers and professional cuddlers to neo-luddites and sex robot romantics, creators Matthew-Lee Erlbach and Mallory Portnoy introduce you to the private joys and awkward silences of our fellow humans.

DIRECTOR Matthew-Lee Erlbach

PRODUCERS Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Mallory Portnoy, Anne Troup, Hannes Otto, Gabe Long

WRITERS Matthew-Lee Erlbach & Mallory Portnoy

CAST Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Mallory Portnoy, Ryan Spahn, Michael Cyril Creighton, Deb Lapidus, Max Jenkins and the residents of Andrus on Hudson

In the SeriesFest (Free!) program.

Friday, September 27 at 4:00PM in Bay County Historical Museum