Directed By
Joy Marzec
Narrative Feature


Drama, Animation

When Skylar, a cloistered nun, gets word of her sister’s death, her life’s future suddenly comes into question. Granted eight days outside the convent by the Mother Abbess, Skylar ventures out on a pilgrimage to the religious town of Chimayo, New Mexico, where her sister is buried. On her journey Skylar is joined by two other outsiders, a runaway teenager and a train-hopping drifter, whose presence and friendship challenge her life’s dedication to God. I AM THAT is a sparkling modern pop style film whose novelty and original soundtrack breathe new life into the timeless story about the pursuit to find connection and certainty in one’s life.

Programmer's Notes: I Am That is an imaginative tale about faith and self-discovery. Seasoned hellions will recognize this as one of those head-tilting films HHM is known for and that our programmers root for. Film-goers will be drawn in by an emotional story and find connection with brilliant characters that represent the part of the human spirit that looks for something more. I Am That takes you on a journey that not only asks who we are, but who we could be.

Cast: Amielynn Abellera, Matteo Scammell, Sage Owens, Jane Jones, Kate Czjakowski, Lauren Myers

Writer & Director: Joy Marzec

Producers: Joy Marzec, David Garrigues

Previously Screened At: Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival

Saturday, September 28 at 4:00PM in Bay County Historical Museum