Directed By
Patrick Mack
Narrative Feature (Michigan Films)

Sexual Animals



Adam Wolnik graduates college next semester and he is anxious, especially when it comes to his long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Lauren. What's next? Marriage? Cohabitation? Separation? When Adam tells Lauren about his fears she suggests they take a break...a sex-break in order to experience other sexual encounters before they tie the knot. What could go wrong? Adam will spend his last semester fumbling through clumsy attempts at casual sex and dealing with the fallout. He discovers that his sexual adventures are mirrored by his animal behavior class, thus proving that humans, especially young drunk humans, aren't immune to shows of aggression, courtship, and stupidity.

Programmer’s Notes: A World Premiere at HHM! We loved the performances by the leads in this one and we were charmed by the screenplay. Be among the first to see one of our favorite films on the program and find out if we aren’t just animals ourselves.

Cast: Jon Wierenga, Katie Causey

Writer: Jon Wierenga

Director: Patrick Mack

Producers: Curtis Matzke, Jon Wierenga

Saturday, September 28 at 4:00PM in State Theatre