Sunday Morning Cinema - Filmmaker Panel

Filmmaker Panels have always been some of the most interesting and enlightening events at film festivals. HHM has always loved bringing these together in the past, and last year we brought it back with a filmmaker panel with a side of brunch. This year, its cinema and coffee on a Sunday morning.

Meet us Sunday morning at 10:00 AM and order your coffee and a favorite bagel or pastry (made in-house at Populace). At 10:30 AM sit back and listen to the conversation between guest filmmakers. You can even join in with your own questions.

Because of the set-up of the room, we are asking that the audience not talk during the panel except during the Q&A period. Don’t worry. You can still head back to the counter for more of your favorite brew and sweets.

In the Sunday Morning Cinema - Filmmaker Panel program.

Sunday, September 29 at 10:00AM in Populace Coffee