Directed By
Phil Kibbe
English, Japanese, Romanian (English Subtitles)
Documentary Feature


Documentary Feature

Float follows a struggling newcomer seeking glory in the world of competitive model aviation as he threatens to knock a teammate out of first place. Introverted pilots are passionately devoted to this elite, century-old sport, fighting to keep it alive. Ethereal airships hang weightlessly in cavernous halls above the pilot’s heads, holding their hopes and dreams on gossamer wings. A film with beautifully mesmerizing cinematography and surprising tension for a subject so seemingly serene.

Programmer’s Notes: We didn’t think that a documentary about something as light as air could have so much weight, so much depth, and so much drama. Get ready to hold your breath watching the most delicate of human constructions hovering in the depths of salt mines. Float is a feast for the senses.

Cast: Brett Sanborn, Yuan Kang Lee, Cornel Mangaleau, Akihiro Danjo, Nick Aikman

Writers: Phil Kibbe, Ben Saks

Directors: Phil Kibbe

Producers: Laura Heberton, Ben Saks

Previously Screened At: Cleveland International Film Festival (World Premier), IFFBoston

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HHM Jury Nomination: Best Cinematography


at Bay County Historical Museum