Directed By
Hannah Dweck, Yael Luttwak
Documentary Feature

Guest House

Documentary Feature


Follow the stories of three women in a re-entry house as they attempt to acclimate to life after being released from incarceration and battling addiction. Get to know their real hopes, dreams, desires, and disappointments, and gain insight into their choices. The house is full of diverse personalities driven by survival instincts, and characters who use their humor and intelligence to deal with a broken justice system - a system that contributes to the recidivism of its criminals.

Programmer’s Notes: Frustrating and moving, this documentary doesn’t just show you the problem. It offers hope. It offers solutions. It shows us what can work and what we have to do if we really are committed to making sure that people who have done their time can rejoin society rather than return to a life of crime. Guest House is a stop along the way back home. You’ll be glad you stopped in.

Cast: Grace, Maddison, and Selena

Directors & Producers: Hannah Dweck, Yael Luttwak

Executive Producers: Daryl Freimark, Sonnie Dockser

Editors: Greg O'Toole, Carol Slatkin

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Guest House

~ ~ World Premiere ~ ~


at Delta College Planetarium