Directed By
Mary Hewey, Jen Bagley
Documentary Feature

Jack & Yaya

Documentary Feature, LGBTQ

Best friends Jack and Yaya celebrate their 30th year of friendship in their hometown in South Jersey alongside a motley crew of extended family and neighbors. While they party and reminisce, Jack and Yaya support each other as they both fight for acceptance as openly trans people.

Programmer’s Notes: Jack and Yaya are memorable enough on their own, but their friendship is the stuff of legend. This documentary is not just a tribute to their relationship but an intimate look at the lives of two young transgender persons as they and their families make their way through a world that has much to learn from them.

Cast: Jack & Yaya and their families

Directors, Producers, & Editors: Mary Hewey, Jen Bagley

Previously Screened At: qFlix Philadelphia Philadelphia (Grand Jury Award, Audience Award), Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival

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at Delta College Planetarium