Directed By
Salomón Askenazi
Narrative Feature

El Rey de la Fiesta (King of the Party)

Héctor, a man in his fifties with a good job and a family, is in the middle of a midlife crisis. His twin brother Rafael is his total opposite: a relaxed and eccentric life long partier who refuses to settle down. What if Héctor could be Rafael without anyone knowing? What would it do to him and those around him?

Cast: Giancarlo Ruiz, Paulette Hernandez, Juan Carlos Colombo, Daniela Bascope, Mar Mediante, Daniel Adissi

Director: Salomón Askenazi Writers: Salomón Askenazi , Karen Chacek Producer:** Isaac Cherem, Cecilia Parodi

Friday, September 24 at 11:00AM in Delta College Planetarium Saturday, September 25 at 4:15PM in Delta College Planetarium