Directed By
Stephan Leeper
Animation Short (Michigan Films)

Fire Flower

A nun, four orphans and a glitchy robot on a quest for beauty... what could possibly go wrong?

Princess, Fabio, Pigtails and Curly, from St. Mary's Home for unfortunate Children, are on a field-trip to the botanical garden to celebrate Princess' birthday. On the way they meet a curious grounds keeper and the fireworks begin... quite literally.

Original Story and Concept: Kayla Mitchell

Producers: Curtis Wood, Stephan Leeper Story Development: Kayla Mitchell, Stephan Leeper, Nikki Leeper Storyboard Artists: Kayla Mitchell Production Design: Nikki Hines, Rebecca Atkins, Kayden Seymore, Nikki Leeper

In the A Michigan Morning: Shorts (Saturday) program.

Saturday, September 25 at 11:00AM in State Theatre Thursday, September 30 at 6:30PM in Virtual Experience (online)

In the Shorts! program.