Directed By
Markus Schröder
English, Portuguese (English Subtitles)
Documentary Short

Mind Mending

Filipe is only 36 when he suffers a stroke performing on stage with his heavy metal band. Believing that live music will help his recovery, and frustrated by his aphasia, a communication disorder brought on by stroke, Filipe attempts to reconnect with the world by visiting music festivals dressed as a bunny rabbit.

After showing signs of improvement, the stress and anxiety caused by his ambition plunge him into depression and epilepsy. He perseveres, but a new diagnosis of bipolar disorder lands him in hospital, following a dramatic and confusing visit to the United States.

As he learns to accept that bunny will always be with him, Filipe finally gets a grip on reality when a fresh ray of hope gives him a new perspective.

Cast: Filipe Falé

Director, Producer: Markus Schröder Editor: David Higgs Composer: Bjarni Biering Sound Design and Mix: Andy Humphreys Colourist: Toby Tomkins

In the Shorts! program.

In the Sunday Shorts program.

Sunday, September 26 at 12:00PM in State Theatre