Directed By
Travis Carlson
Narrative Feature

Mother's Day

A Mother struggling with mental illness and financial strain mentions her plan to impulsively move across the country, again. Her Son learns with each question that he, alone, has literally one-shot to save his mother from a potentially deadly setback. We witness the true story of two complex minds fighting to find love, and their loved one, in the darkness.

Cast: Michael Wagner, Lisa Ludwig

Writer & Director: Travis Carlson Producers: Travis Carlson, Megan Gonsalves Cinematography: Aaron Rizzo, Luke Haag, Marc Davies, Cole Bielecki Production Design: Maria Braun Assitant Director: Cheri Leight

Saturday, September 25 at 4:15PM in So Good! Gallery Sunday, September 26 at 5:00PM in Delta College Planetarium Sunday, September 26 at 6:30PM in Virtual Experience (online)