Directed By
Jordan Gorman, Brenten Brandenburg, Kaustubh Singh
Documentary Short

That Was Ray

LGBTQ, Animation, Biography

"That Was Ray" chronicles the life of Reverend Raymond “Ray” Broshears. Ray was at the forefront of the San Francisco gay rights movement in the late 60s to mid-70s. While he preached peace and acceptance, he also founded a militant group, “The Lavender Panthers”, which curbed hate crimes with the threat of violence. He was a radical and polarizing figure who fought violence with violence, alienating himself from his fellow gay-rights activists and straight peers alike. Due to their controversial methods, Ray and the Panthers were largely forgotten, until now.

Cast: Rev. Troy Perry, Eric Markovitz, Elisa Rleigh, Paul Gabriel , Jim van Buskirk Jordan Gorman, Brenten Brandenburg, Kaustubh Singh

Writer: Kaustubh Singh, Jordan Gorman, Brenten Brandenburg Producers: Kaustubh Singh Animation: Hansjeet Duggal Publicity: Amanda Galemmo Editing: Kaustubh Singh Cinematography: Brenten Brandenburg, Jen Gilomen Legal: Brenda Chavez

In the Saturday Evening Shorts program.

Saturday, September 25 at 6:45PM in Delta College Planetarium

In the Shorts! program.