Directed By
John Paul Morris
Narrative Feature


Filmed in Traverse City, Quicksand is a Michigan-made "bromantic comedy" about two best friends who embark on a treacherous road trip after losing their best friend's wedding ring just days before the ceremony. Their secret quest accelerates into a loud exploration of life, love, and 21st century relationships as Ray and Paul enlist the help of everyone and everything they know to try and outrun certain death and just get back to their normal problems.

“Supporting Michigan filmmakers is at the heart of our Made in Michigan programming. From Grand Rapids to the U.P., Quicksand brings the antics all across our great State.”

Director, Writer: JohnPaul Morris Writers: Jake Burgess, Broderick Steele Producers: Chris Loud, Nick Loud Associate Producer Mia Hagerty Cast: Wynn Reichert, Michael Alan Herman, Simon Elias

Saturday, September 24 at 11:00AM in So Good! Gallery