Schedule Delta College Planetarium

Sept. 23, 2022 Friday

11:00 AM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 30m

Friday Shorts Program One

In this Program
Nick Blake17mEnglish Narrative Short
The Interview
Inga Moren Tapias9mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Last Days of August
Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, Robert Machoian13mUSAEnglish Documentary Short
Brooke Purdy14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Glenn Pack14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Bee Problem
Roney14mCanadaEnglish Narrative Short
Typhoon - We’re in It
Rider Strong5mUSAEnglish Narrative Short

6:45 PM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 29m

One Road to Quartzsite

Ryan Maxey1h 29mEnglish Documentary Feature
Exit to Quartzsite, AZ for cheap gasoline — there’s not a whole lot else. But every fall its population swells from 2,000 to hundreds of thousands. ONE ROAD TO QUARTZSITE is a vérité glimpse of this unique desert phenomenon. We follow an ensemble of snowbirds, crustpunks and lonely-hearts who winter there. A sad, funny, beautiful portrait of a cross-section of Americans all doing their best to live freely. **Director, Writer, Producer:** Ryan Maxey **Producer:** Josh Polon **Cast:** Paul Winer

Sept. 24, 2022 Saturday

11:00 AM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 30m

Sweet Disaster

Laura Lehmus1h 30mGermanyEnglish (English Subtitles)Narrative Feature
Frida unexpectedly falls pregnant and Felix, the father of her child, breaks up with her to reunite with his ex using methods which are absurd, exaggerated and often hilarious. **Director:** Laura Lehmus **Writer:** Ruth Toma **Producers:** Michael Grudsky, Markus Kaatsch, Nina Poschinski **Cast:** Friederike Kempter, Lena Urzendowsky, Florian Lukas

3:00 PM

Delta College Planetarium

Filmmaker Workshop/Roundtable

1mEnglish Workshop/Panel
Join jurors and film professionals Joseph Beyer and Bill Stertz as they discuss which distribution rollercoaster we're on these days. In California, Beyer was a staffer to the storied Sundance Institute for more than 14 years, lastly as Director of Digital Initiatives where he led creative development and operations of digital content and special Institute projects, traveling globally and producing events for creators. Later he joined The Redford Center as Director of Marketing and Distribution. In the last two years alone, Bill has produced three narrative features films, including I LOVE MY DAD written and directed by James Morosini, starring Patton Oswalt, Morosini, Claudia Sulewski, Rachel Dratch, and Lil Rel Howery, which was released by Magnolia Pictures in theaters across the country after taking home the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at its SXSW premiere last Spring.

3:00 PM

Delta College Planetarium

Full Dome Film Highlights

In this Program
Full Dome Film Highlights
40mEnglish Animation Short

4:15 PM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 39m

Quantum Cowboys

Geoff Marslett1h 39mEnglish Narrative Feature
Two hapless drifters, Frank and Bruno, team up with Linde to recover her land and trek across 1870’s Southern Arizona to find an elusive frontier musician. *“Starring the likes of Lily Gladstone, David Arquette and Howe Gelb and featuring 12 different animation styles, long-time friend of the festival, Geoff Marslett, returns with this epic and time-traveling tale from the wild west.”* **Director, Writer, Producer:** Geoff Marslett **Writer:** Howe Gelb **Producers:** Melodie Sisk, William G. Way **Cast:** David Arquette, Kiowa Gordon, Frank Mosley, Lily Gladstone, Alex Cox, Trieste Kelly Dunn

6:45 PM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 40m

Bad Axe

David Siev1h 40mEnglish Documentary Feature
A real-time portrait of 2020 unfolds as an Asian-American family in Trump’s rural America fights to keep their restaurant and American dream alive in the face of a pandemic, Neo-Nazis, and generational scars from the Cambodian Killing Fields. *“At it’s heart, this is a family story. A story where the American Dream and the current cultural and political climate clash.”* **Director, Writer:**David Siev **Producers:** Jude Harris, Diane Moy Quon, Katarina Vasquez **Cast:** Skyler Janssen, Michael Meinhold, Chun Siev

Sept. 25, 2022 Sunday

12:00 PM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 25m

The Unknown Country

Morrisa Maltz1h 25mEnglish Narrative Feature
A grieving woman embarks on an unexpected road trip from the Midwest toward the Texas-Mexico border as she grapples with the pain of her recent loss and seeks to understand her place in the world. **Director, Writer:** Morrisa Maltz **Producers:** Laura Heberton, Katherine Harper, Thomas Heitkamp **Cast:** Lily Gladstone, Raymond Lee, Michele, Tom Allen

2:30 PM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 46m

Dealing with Dad

Tom Huang1h 46mEnglish Narrative Feature
Margaret reluctantly goes back to her hometown with her brothers to deal with the sudden depression of their dad. *“Dealing With Dad is a comedic look at the drama inherent in all families combined with the culture clash of foreign-born and American-born members.”* **Director, Writer:** Tom Huang **Producers:** Tanner Kling, Randy Kulina, Alan Pao, Brian Young **Cast:** Ally Maki, Hayden Szeto, Peter S. KIm, Dana Lee

5:00 PM

Delta College Planetarium
1h 36m

Chrissy Judy

Todd Flaherty1h 36mEnglish Narrative Feature
When his best friend and creative partner suddenly couples off and moves away, an ambitious New York drag queen determined for the limelight must reinvent himself or risk becoming an irrelevant solo act both onstage and off. *“We’re happy to once again partner with Great Lakes Bay Pride to bring queer stories to our local screens. The HHM programmers loved how this story explores the question, ``who are we with or without our bestie at our side?”* **Director, Writer, Producer:** Todd Flaherty **Cast:** Todd Flaherty, Wyatt Fenner, Joey Taranto