Directed By
Nick Richey
Narrative Feature


When 13-year-old Tommy loses his parents to a drug raid, he turns to a phone sex operator (his fairy godmother) for help as he embarks on an urban odyssey to escape foster care with his two best friends, Steve and O’Neil.

“Always a favorite of many HHM programmers, a film set all in one night, like 1-800-HOT-NITE, tends to add tension and a sense of real-time to a story. This film asks the question, what would your friends do for you when things look hopeless? And if that’s not enough, who do you turn to for help?”

Director, Writer: Nick Richey Producers: Trever Lee Georgeson, Ben Jagger, Zach Mann Cast: Dallas Dupree Young, Gerrison Machado, Mylen Bradford, Ali Richey

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