Directed By
Katharina Woll
Narrative Feature

Everybody Wants to be Loved (Alle wollen geliebt werden)

A blisteringly hot summer day. Psychotherapist Ina notices something is wrong with her. But she doesn't have time to worry about it: patients are waiting at the practice, her daughter is threatening to move in with her father, her boyfriend wants to emigrate to Finland, and her self-centered mother is celebrating her 70th birthday. Ina wants to please everyone. But then everything changes.

Director: Katharina Woll Writers: Florian Plumeyer, Katharina Woll Producers: Michael Grudsky , Markus Kaatsch , Nina Poschinski Cinematography: Matan Radin Cast: Anne Ratte-Polle, Hassan Akkouch, Lea Drinda, Jonas Hien, Urs Jucker, Pascale Schiller, Raymond Tarabay, Ulrike Willenbacher

Friday, September 22 at 11:00AM in So Good! Gallery