Kelly Jean Caldwell Band

Kelly Jean Caldwell Band can be described many ways - jangly 60’s alt-country, freak folk, and garage americana…….and all of them can be right, yet the best thing to say is you must hear this band. Their songs are beautiful, haunting, spooky, & sweet with a twang that pulls it all together. Kelly Jean’s lyrics can sometimes be dark & humorous such as the song “Fucked Up” from the 2016 album Downriver where she sings “Do you think it is fucked up I counted every leaf on the tree in front of your house the night I burned it down". With a powerful voice and boundless creative energy, Kelly Jean Caldwell continues to be Detroit rock royalty in our eyes as we watch her play in numerous bands & run the best live music venue in Hamtramck. We’re truly honored to have her band in Bay City for Hell’s Half Mile!

In the Saturday Night Music program.

Saturday, September 23 at 9:00PM in Dunlop Building