Directed By
Jason Avezzano
Narrative Feature

Love Dump

The quirky owner of a refurbished trash shop, Jessica Dump, serendipitously meets a forlorn dog lawyer, Todd Barkley, and the two fall deeply in love... However, their love is put to the test when Jessica's quest to find her missing father forces her to look inward in this 'not-quite-Hallmark' romantic comedy.

These Chicago improv pros know how to ham it up, in the very best way, to make the audience laugh out loud. Love Dump is like the Hallmark movies we hate to love, but it embraces the ridiculousness and amps it up to 11.

Director: Jason Avezzano Writers: Leila Gorstein, Jesse Kendall Cinematographer: Matt Mahaffey Producers: Emily Diego, Leila Gorstein, Jesse Kendall, Scott Goldstein Cast: Leila Gorstein, Jesse Kendall Writer/Actor Jesse Kendall scheduled to attend.

Friday, September 22 at 6:30PM in So Good! Gallery Sunday, September 24 at 12:00PM in So Good! Gallery