Directed By
Reiki Tsuno
Japanese (English Subtitles)
Narrative Feature

Mad Cats

Taka, a shiftless young man, sets off on a quest to find his brother Mune. Teaming up with a quirky new friend and an edgy, mysterious young girl along the way, Taka finds himself taking on a pack of vicious monster cats determined to execute unscrupulous pet shop owners.

A hilarious riot of a film, more "madcap" than mad cat. Definately feels like a Hell's Half Mile film.

Director: Reiki Tsuno Writer: Reiki Tsuno Cast: Hikari Aiko, Asachill, Amanda B. Producers: Takahiro Fukuya, Reiki Tsuno, Daisuke Urano Cinematographer: Shintaro Teramoto

Friday, September 22 at 1:30PM in So Good! Gallery Sunday, September 24 at 12:00PM in State Theatre