Chameleon Treat

HHM, in partnership with venues Electric Kitsch and Jake's Corner Lounge, is offering up some free daytime music for you Hellions to soak in between our lineup of films and receptions. This year, our daytime lineup consists of Catfood Sandwich, Chameleon Treat, Sarah Schingeck Music, and ROVR.

Chameleon Treat -- Saturday, Sept. 29, at Electric Kitsch, 917 Washington Ave.

Chameleon Treat (Bay City/Pittsburgh):
Neo-psychedelia and achingly beautiful vocals are the pillars of this duo’s swirling sounds. With the guitar prowess and pipes of songwriter Andrew Kruske, merged with a combination of loops, lo-fi samples, and an array of pedals, you get an intoxicating art the merges the technical proficiency of Tame Impala with the poignant poeticism of Jeff Buckley.

In the Chameleon Treat program.

Saturday, September 29 at 2:00PM in Daytime Music Venues