Nick Richey1h 35mEnglish Narrative Feature
When 13-year-old Tommy loses his parents to a drug raid, he turns to a phone sex operator (his fairy godmother) for help as he embarks on an urban odyssey to escape foster care with his two best friends, Steve and O’Neil. *“Always a favorite of many HHM programmers, a film set all in one night, like 1-800-HOT-NITE, tends to add tension and a sense of real-time to a story. This film asks the question, what would your friends do for you when things look hopeless? And if that’s not enough, who do you turn to for help?”* **Director, Writer:** Nick Richey **Producers:** Trever Lee Georgeson, Ben Jagger, Zach Mann **Cast:** Dallas Dupree Young, Gerrison Machado, Mylen Bradford, Ali Richey


Scott Monahan1h 22mEnglish Narrative Feature
Two brothers attempt to drive a trunk full of opioids from Florida to Alaska to cash-in big in the Land of Gold. A split-second act of violence somewhere in the California desert derails their trip and sets them on a crash course with tragedy. *“The stark and desolate setting brings almost an otherworldly eeriness to this film. The desert becomes a character in the brother’s story.”* **Director:** Scott Monohan **Writer:** Dakota Loesch **Producers:** Taylor Harrington, Gia Rigoli, Ethan Seneker **Cast:** Scott Monohan, Dakota Loesch, Christopher Corey Smith

Bad Axe

David Siev1h 40mEnglish Documentary Feature
A real-time portrait of 2020 unfolds as an Asian-American family in Trump’s rural America fights to keep their restaurant and American dream alive in the face of a pandemic, Neo-Nazis, and generational scars from the Cambodian Killing Fields. *“At it’s heart, this is a family story. A story where the American Dream and the current cultural and political climate clash.”* **Director, Writer:**David Siev **Producers:** Jude Harris, Diane Moy Quon, Katarina Vasquez **Cast:** Skyler Janssen, Michael Meinhold, Chun Siev

Boblo Boats: A Detroit Ferry Tale

Aaron Schillinger1h 19mEnglish Documentary Feature
For over eighty-five years, steamship Ste. Claire transported generations of Detroiters to Boblo Island, an amusement park nestled in the waters between the US and Canada. When the vessel comes under threat of ruin, a doctor, psychic and amusement park fanatic unite to save their beloved steamship from the scrapyard. *“At HHM, we love bringing Michigan stories to our audiences. Whether nostalgia, current topics, or just great stories, Boblo Boats is one of the several MADE IN MICHIGAN films in our 2022 program.”* **Director, Writer:** Aaron Schillinger **Producers:** Steve Bannatyne, David Fabelo, Mike Madigan **Cast:** Martha Reeves

Chrissy Judy

Todd Flaherty1h 36mEnglish Narrative Feature
When his best friend and creative partner suddenly couples off and moves away, an ambitious New York drag queen determined for the limelight must reinvent himself or risk becoming an irrelevant solo act both onstage and off. *“We’re happy to once again partner with Great Lakes Bay Pride to bring queer stories to our local screens. The HHM programmers loved how this story explores the question, ``who are we with or without our bestie at our side?”* **Director, Writer, Producer:** Todd Flaherty **Cast:** Todd Flaherty, Wyatt Fenner, Joey Taranto

Dealing with Dad

Tom Huang1h 46mEnglish Narrative Feature
Margaret reluctantly goes back to her hometown with her brothers to deal with the sudden depression of their dad. *“Dealing With Dad is a comedic look at the drama inherent in all families combined with the culture clash of foreign-born and American-born members.”* **Director, Writer:** Tom Huang **Producers:** Tanner Kling, Randy Kulina, Alan Pao, Brian Young **Cast:** Ally Maki, Hayden Szeto, Peter S. KIm, Dana Lee

Festival Happy Hour

All Access Pass Holders, Sponsors, and Guests are invited to attend the Saturday Happy Hour reception for great times, tasty treats, good tunes

In this Program
Festival Happy Hour

Filmmaker Panel - What are film fests even good for?

Join us for an engaging filmmaker panel at Populace Coffee where we ask filmmakers the question...."What are film festivals even good for these days? And don't even mention virtual." Coffee, baked goods, and film talk. This event is free & open to the public!

In this Program
Filmmaker Panel - What are film fests even good for?
1hEnglish Workshop/Panel

Filmmaker Reception

**PASSHOLDERS ONLY** Time to give all our visiting filmmakers another warm Bay City welcome! Of course, that means drinks, snacks, music, and fun! All Access, Guest, and Sponsor pass holders are welcome to attend. Featuring the music of DAMN THE WITCH SIREN!

In this Program
Filmmaker Reception
3hEnglish Reception/Party

Filmmaker Workshop/Roundtable

1mEnglish Workshop/Panel
Join jurors and film professionals Joseph Beyer and Bill Stertz as they discuss which distribution rollercoaster we're on these days. In California, Beyer was a staffer to the storied Sundance Institute for more than 14 years, lastly as Director of Digital Initiatives where he led creative development and operations of digital content and special Institute projects, traveling globally and producing events for creators. Later he joined The Redford Center as Director of Marketing and Distribution. In the last two years alone, Bill has produced three narrative features films, including I LOVE MY DAD written and directed by James Morosini, starring Patton Oswalt, Morosini, Claudia Sulewski, Rachel Dratch, and Lil Rel Howery, which was released by Magnolia Pictures in theaters across the country after taking home the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at its SXSW premiere last Spring.

Friday Late Night Shorts

In this Program
The Dead Collectors
Brendan Cleaves13mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Lilly Lion9mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Curtis Matzke17mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Bret Miller13mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Thing From The Factory By The Field
Joel Potrykus27mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Part Forever
Alan Chung-An, Ou13mTaiwanEnglish Narrative Short

Friday Music

In this Program
Damn the Witch Siren
1hEnglish Music

Friday Shorts Program One

In this Program
Nick Blake17mEnglish Narrative Short
The Interview
Inga Moren Tapias9mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Last Days of August
Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, Robert Machoian13mUSAEnglish Documentary Short
Brooke Purdy14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Glenn Pack14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Bee Problem
Roney14mCanadaEnglish Narrative Short
Typhoon - We’re in It
Rider Strong5mUSAEnglish Narrative Short

Friday Shorts Program Two

In this Program
Placenta Pate
Tia Salisbury13mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Caller 45
JC Carroll15mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Recovery of the Fallen
Curtis James Matzke7mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Peace Pipeline
Gitz Crazyboy, Tito Ybarra25mCanadaEnglish Documentary Short
Prayers for Peace
Dustin Grella8mUSAEnglish Animation Short
Out Of This World
Elia Petridis18mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Sweat of His Cow
John Stuart Wildman, Alan Smithee6mUSAEnglish Narrative Short

Full Dome Film Highlights

In this Program
Full Dome Film Highlights
40mEnglish Animation Short

Iron Family

Patrick Longstreth1h 30mEnglish Documentary Feature
Jazmine Faries, a 32-year old woman with Down syndrome, is obsessed with soap operas, Barbie dolls, and Matthew McConaughey. For the past five summers, her family has performed her original stage plays for a small audience in their town of Iron River, Michigan. Along the way we see Jazmine’s personal struggle for independence, her yearning for a romantic partner, and how a single spark of creativity can spread joy throughout a community. *“HHM is rich with Michigan stories and Iron Family is another great example of this.”* **Director, Writer, Producer:** Patrick Longstreth **Producers:** Anne Longstreth, Sharon J. Wisnia **Cast:** Jazmine, Chad Faries, Kate German

Marijuana Minutes

Ryan D. Moore1h 24mEnglish Narrative Feature
Amy, a lazy stoner with zero motivation and no ambitions, unknowingly buys a time-traveling marijuana vape. She discovers its powers and uses it to try to get laid. However, trouble ensues… *“Sometimes you just want to watch a fun romp of a movie and laugh.”* **Director, Writer, Producer:** Ryan D. Moore **Producers:** Jared Carrdenas, Nicholas J. DeMicco **Cast:** Rebecca DeMarco, Sophia Lucia Parola, Jared Cardenas

One Road to Quartzsite

Ryan Maxey1h 29mEnglish Documentary Feature
Exit to Quartzsite, AZ for cheap gasoline — there’s not a whole lot else. But every fall its population swells from 2,000 to hundreds of thousands. ONE ROAD TO QUARTZSITE is a vérité glimpse of this unique desert phenomenon. We follow an ensemble of snowbirds, crustpunks and lonely-hearts who winter there. A sad, funny, beautiful portrait of a cross-section of Americans all doing their best to live freely. **Director, Writer, Producer:** Ryan Maxey **Producer:** Josh Polon **Cast:** Paul Winer

Opening Night Party

In this Program
Opening Night Party
2hEnglish Reception/Party

Patty PerShayla and the Mayhaps

In this Program
Patty PerShayla and the Mayhaps
1hEnglish Music

Peace in the Valley

Tyler Riggs1h 28mEnglish Narrative Feature
In the aftermath of a senseless act of violence, a young mother must learn to manage her overwhelming grief—not only for her own peace of mind but for the sake of her young son. *"Producer Andrew Carlberg brings the HHM audience yet another great film. Previous films at HHM include the short Warning Labels directed by Jennifer Morrison and the feature Dirty Weekend directed by Neil LaBute and starring Matthew Broderick and Alice Eve."* **Director, Writer:** Tyler Riggs **Producers:** Andrew Carlberg, Kevin Welch **Cast:** Dendrie Taylor, Michael Aaron Milligan, Jordan Cox


Noah Dixon, Ori Segev1h 27mEnglish Narrative Feature
Lennon exists timidly on the sidelines of the thriving Columbus indie music scene, yearning for a personal connection that might shepherd her into the cutting-edge art scene. Enter Bobbi Kitten, an enigmatic, striking and talented half of a popular indie pop duo, who takes Lennon under her confident wing—unwittingly entangling herself in a dark obsession. *“Bringing fim and music together is what we do at HHM. Poser features the music and members of the band Damn the Witch Siren who will be performing at the end of our Friday reception at MI Table.”* **Directors:** Noah Dixon, Ori Segev **Writer:** Noah Dixon **Producers:** Drew Johnson, Joshua Nowak, Brett Reiter, Juli Sasaki **Cast:** Sylvie Mix, Bobbi Kitten, Aujolie Baker Showtimes: Friday, September 23 @ 6:45PM in So Good! Gallery Sunday, September 25 @ 12:00PM in So Good! Gallery

Quantum Cowboys

Geoff Marslett1h 39mEnglish Narrative Feature
Two hapless drifters, Frank and Bruno, team up with Linde to recover her land and trek across 1870’s Southern Arizona to find an elusive frontier musician. *“Starring the likes of Lily Gladstone, David Arquette and Howe Gelb and featuring 12 different animation styles, long-time friend of the festival, Geoff Marslett, returns with this epic and time-traveling tale from the wild west.”* **Director, Writer, Producer:** Geoff Marslett **Writer:** Howe Gelb **Producers:** Melodie Sisk, William G. Way **Cast:** David Arquette, Kiowa Gordon, Frank Mosley, Lily Gladstone, Alex Cox, Trieste Kelly Dunn


John Paul Morris1h 34mEnglish Narrative Feature
Filmed in Traverse City, Quicksand is a Michigan-made "bromantic comedy" about two best friends who embark on a treacherous road trip after losing their best friend's wedding ring just days before the ceremony. Their secret quest accelerates into a loud exploration of life, love, and 21st century relationships as Ray and Paul enlist the help of everyone and everything they know to try and outrun certain death and just get back to their normal problems. *“Supporting Michigan filmmakers is at the heart of our Made in Michigan programming. From Grand Rapids to the U.P., Quicksand brings the antics all across our great State.”* **Director, Writer:** John Paul Morris **Writers:** Jake Burgess, Broderick Steele **Producers:** Mia Hagerty, Chris, Nick Loud **Cast:** Wynn Reichert, Michael Alan Herman, Simon Elias


Michael Glover Smith1h 37mEnglish Narrative Feature
As various members of the Frank family come together for a college graduation party in Chicago, they find their bonds being tested – and strengthened – in surprising ways. **Director, Writer:** Michael Glover Smith **Producers:** Clare Cooney, Aaron Wertheimer **Cast:** Wendy Robie, Francis Guinan, Cameron Scott Roberts

Saturday Music Show

The weekend's peak of music events for the 16th annual Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival happens here. The Saturday, September 24th event is taking place at the Dunlop Building (located at 517 Washington Ave., Bay City, MI), and per usual is bringing 3 amazing bands! This year's lineup features Party Nails (Los Angeles), Ratboys (Chicago), and Sugar Tradition (Detroit). The show is open to all ages for Pass holders, or admission is $10 at the door. As a festival we're thrilled with the opportunity to use the Dunlop Building and transform it into a HHM-style venue for one evening, and bring 3 very different bands together to make it's mark on "Midtown Bay City"!! It's Hell's Half Mile's sixteenth birthday, and we need to celebrate it the way we know how. 🎵🎙🎸👩‍🎤🎹🎶

In this Program
40mEnglish Music
Sugar Tradition
40mEnglish Music
Party Nails
1hEnglish Music

Saturday Shorts Program One

In this Program
Jeremy Merrifield17mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Jeff HIldebrant7mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
After (A Love Story)
Clare Cooney14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Arrivals & Departures
Christopher Jarvis15mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Love's Baby Soft
Lanie Zipoy15mEnglish Narrative Short
Dress A Cow
Dawn Luebbe11mUSAEnglish Documentary Short
Milk Snake
Jacob Shelton15mUSAEnglish Narrative Short

Saturday Shorts Program Two

In this Program
All That Glitters
Dan Bronzite24mGBEnglish Narrative Short
The Errand
Amanda Renee Knox12mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
The Tunnel
Jon Clark19mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Lalito 10
Jordan Matthew Horowitz18mUSAEnglish Documentary Short
Hannah Dweck14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Johnny The Dime
Joseph Blake Menzel8mUSAEnglish Narrative Short

Stay The Night

Renuka Jeyapalan1h 34mEnglish Narrative Feature
A failed work opportunity prompts chronically single Grace to pursue a one night stand with a stranger. Turns out he’s an on-the-outs professional athlete in town with a problem of his own. *“Our 2022 Opening Night film, starring Andrea Bang from the Netflix series Kim’s Convenience, and Canadian heartthrob Joe Scarpellino.”* **Director, Writer:** Renuka Jeypalan **Producers:** Glenn Cockburn, Brian Robertson **Cast:** Andrea Bang, Joe Scarpellino

Sunday Shorts Program

In this Program
Nicole Pott15mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Make Your Soul Grow
KC Connolly14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color
Cheri Gaulke20mUSAEnglish Documentary Short
Make Me A King
Sofia Olins16mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Dog Lover
Anne-Sophie Bine14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Nicholas Stachurski5mUSAEnglish Documentary Short
Heart Failure
Will Wightman11mGBEnglish Narrative Short

Sweet Disaster

Laura Lehmus1h 30mGermanyEnglish (English Subtitles)Narrative Feature
Frida unexpectedly falls pregnant and Felix, the father of her child, breaks up with her to reunite with his ex using methods which are absurd, exaggerated and often hilarious. **Director:** Laura Lehmus **Writer:** Ruth Toma **Producers:** Michael Grudsky, Markus Kaatsch, Nina Poschinski **Cast:** Friederike Kempter, Lena Urzendowsky, Florian Lukas

The Mirror Game

William J. Stribling1h 27mEnglish Narrative Feature
Two childhood friends find themselves in Las Vegas on the same weekend, and one night together-with one life-altering favor - will change everything for them both. **Director, Producer:** William J. Stribling **Writer, Producer:** Marissa Flaxbart **Producers:** Michael Tennant, Katya Alexander **Cast:** Teya Patt, Michael Tennant, Kenny Ridwan

The Park

Shal Ngo1h 23mEnglish Narrative Feature
A dystopian coming-of-age tale focused on three kids who find themselves in an abandoned amusement park, aiming to unite whoever remains. With dangers lurking around every corner, they will do whatever it takes to survive a hellish Neverland. **Director, Writer:** Shal Ngo **Producer:** Natalie Metzger **Cast:** Chole Guidry, Nhedrick Jabier, Carmina Garay

The Ugly Truth

Krishna Ashu Bhati1h 36mGermanyGerman (English Subtitles)Narrative Feature
Mona, Theo, and Hanna live in an idyllic villa on the outskirts. When the attractive daughter of a friend comes to visit, the problems and fragility of the small family are revealed and a tragic downward spiral continues. **Director, Writer:** Krishna Ashu Bhati **Writer, Producer: **Eva Habermann **Producer:** Alexander König **Cast:** Marcus Grüsser, Eva Habermann, Caroline Hartig, Lilly Liefers, Emma Schweiger

The Unknown Country

Morrisa Maltz1h 25mEnglish Narrative Feature
A grieving woman embarks on an unexpected road trip from the Midwest toward the Texas-Mexico border as she grapples with the pain of her recent loss and seeks to understand her place in the world. **Director, Writer:** Morrisa Maltz **Producers:** Laura Heberton, Katherine Harper, Thomas Heitkamp **Cast:** Lily Gladstone, Raymond Lee, Michele, Tom Allen

Turbo Cola

Luke Covert1h 34mEnglish Narrative Feature
New Year’s Eve, 1999. Austin takes an extra shift at the Quality Mart gas station and is forced to look down the barrel of what it means to graduate high school and face a future stuck in his middle of nowhere Michigan hometown. He’s got one night to make his dreams come true, legal or not, and he’s taking it. **Director, Writer, Producerds:** Luke Covert, Brandon Keeton, Dan Mirvish, and James Andrew O'Connor **Writers:** Samantha Oty, Matthew Kiskis **Cast:** Nicholas Stoesser, Jared Spears, Jordyn Denning, Landon Tavernier

Unidentified Objects

Juan Felipe Zuleta1h 40mEnglish Narrative Feature
An uptight dwarf and his free-spirited, alien-obsessed neighbor hit the road on a border-defying search for their place in the universe. *"Our Closing Night Film....this film is unequivocally an HHM kind of movie…quirky and fun, with great storytelling. Just on the other side of odd in the very best way possible. Sponsored by Great Lakes Bay Pride."* **Director:** Juan Felipe Zuleta **Writer:** Leland Frankel **Producers:** Juan Sebastian Jaimes, Masha Leonov **Cast:** Matthew August Jeffers, Sarah Hay