Friday Evening Shorts

HHM Jury Nominations - Best Shorts 2019: The Wind Phone

In this Program
The Drink
Cosima Spender12mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Raymond Wood12mEnglish Narrative Short
Christopher Rucinski11mEnglish Narrative Short
The Great Record Hunt
Ethan Minsker, Shayne Kamat25mEnglish Documentary Short
Kurt Schneider9mEnglish Narrative Short
Kristen Gerweck16mJapanese (English Subtitles)Narrative Short
Too Late
Clayton Dean Smith4mEnglish Narrative Short
Fuck you, Steve
9mEnglish Narrative Short

Friday Morning Shorts

In this Program
In Full Bloom
Maegan Houang11mEnglish Narrative Short
Asim Chaudhry17mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Game Over
Adam Jenkins8mGBEnglish Narrative Short
A Song Can't Burn
Roscoe Neil12mGBEnglish Documentary Short
Watch Room
Noah Wagner17mEnglish Narrative Short
Garry Crystal12mGBEnglish Narrative Short
The Role
12mPersian Narrative Short
All These Creatures
Charles Williams13mAustraliaEnglish Narrative Short

Full Dome Films

30mEnglish Narrative Short

HHM Film Slam Screening (Free!)

1h 45mEnglish Narrative Short
The HHM Film Slam pits filmmaking teams against the clock creating a fun, challenging and highly creative collaborative challenge by making a 3-7 minute short film in just 2 days, September 20-21!

Michigan Matinee Shorts

Abandoned: Chris Randall (writer, director, producer) Apollyon: Bret Miller (writer, director), Emily Nichols (producer), Adam Rock (DP), Steve VanMaele (gaffer), Jimmy Doom (actor) Inhuman: Hayley Tibbenham (writer, director, actor) In Good Health: Jerrod Rachow (director, cinematographer), Logan Histed (sound op, script manager), Rachel M Beck (actor), Bryan Landon (actor) License & Registration: Chris Randall (co-producer) Magic Moe's: Joel Lopez (director), Brian Lewless (producer), Khalen Berry (actor) Nephrectomy: Kevin Lazzaro (actor, editor), Trevor Bluew (director), Kelly Winters (cinematographer, make-up artist), Stephanie Miller (screenwriter, prop-designer) The Orchestra: Curtis Matzke (writer, director, producer) Justin Reifert (producer) Stood Up: Jeff Vande Zande (writer, director, producer) Timmy and the Dream Killers: Jeremy Berkowitz (co-director, producer, writer), Esteban Melean (co-director, producer)

In this Program
In Good Health (Delta College Film Program)
Jerrod Rachow7mEnglish Narrative Short
Nephrectomy (Delta College Film Program)
Trevor Bluew11mEnglish Narrative Short
Magic Moe's (Delta College Film Program)
Joel Lopez5mEnglish Narrative Short
HHM Film Slam Selection
7mEnglish Narrative Short
Chris Randall23mEnglish Narrative Short
Stood Up
Jeff Vande Zande1mEnglish Narrative Short
Timmy and the Dream Killers
Jeremy Berkowitz, Esteban Melean5mEnglish Animation Short
The Orchestra
Curtis Matzke6mEnglish Narrative Short
Hayley Tibbenham14mEnglish Narrative Short
Bret Miller8mEnglish Narrative Short
Finding Happiness Six-Pack
Kim Stricker, Michael Pfaendtner6mEnglish Narrative Short
License & Registration
Jackson Ezinga10mEnglish Narrative Short

Saturday Shorts

Special Guests: Companion: Andrew Greco (Director), James Cates (Assistant Director), Susan Bohl (Producer), Nor Seyedmorteza (Sound Recordist, Engineer, Audio mix/master, Folly, Composer), Anne Cates (UPM)

In this Program
sometimes, i think about dying
Stefanie Abel Horowitz12mEnglish Narrative Short
Andrew Greco23mEnglish Narrative Short
Lady Hater
Alexandra Barreto8mEnglish Narrative Short
Zero One
Kirsten Russell15mEnglish, French (English Subtitles)Narrative Short
The Phantom 52
Geoff Marslett8mEnglish Animation Short
Dave Heinzel15mEnglish Narrative Short
The Wound
Chris Levitus8mEnglish Narrative Short
Quest for Fire
Patrik Bergh8mGBEnglish Narrative Short

SeriesFest (Free!)

Bay County Historical Museum SeriesFest is a non-profit organization dedicated to championing artists at the forefront of episodic storytelling. With year-round educational programs, initiatives supporting underserved voices, and professional development opportunities, SeriesFest inspires, educates, and connects a worldwide community of creators. Each June, SeriesFest culminates in a highly-curated and celebrated Denver-based festival and marketplace. Dedicated to showcasing innovative episodic content, the annual festival (June 18-24, 2020) also includes a musical performance and network screening at the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre, in-competition independent pilot screenings, panels, workshops, live reads, parties and network television premieres.

In this Program
Human Interest (SeriesFest - free!)
Matthew-Lee Erlbach18mEnglish Narrative Short
Palomino & Swissy (SeriesFest - free!)
Julien Lasseur47mEnglish Narrative Short
Kwaczala (SeriesFest - free!)
Daniel J. Clark14mEnglish Narrative Short
Brooklyn Moving Company (SeriesFest - free!)
Krysia Plonka20mEnglish Narrative Short

Sunday Shorts

In this Program
Cold Storage
Thomas Freundlich9mFinlandEnglish Narrative Short
The Slows
Nicole Perlman20mEnglish Narrative Short
Behave, Kids
Tripp Crosby10mEnglish Narrative Short
La Merde
Ben Adam-Harris8mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Vanished At the Finish
Jason Cooper17mEnglish, Italian (English Subtitles)Documentary Short
The right night (Le bon soir)
Jeremias Nussbaum9mFranceFrench (English Subtitles)Narrative Short
I, Rose
Daniele Guerra13mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Benjamin Saad11mGBEnglish, Norwegian, Russian (English Subtitles)Narrative Short
Asparagus Tips
Sam Bailey4mEnglish Narrative Short