306 Hollywood

Elan Bogarin, Jonathan Bogarin1h 30mUSAEnglish Documentary Feature
When two siblings undertake an archaeological excavation of their late grandmother's house, they embark on a magical-realist journey in search of what life remains in the objects we leave behind. Years of interviews with their grandmother and a unique “curation” of her possessions, makes 306 Hollywood the artistic and loving remembrance that you’ll wish you could take on for your loved ones.
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It's a Bird Thing
Sylvain Bonnet6mEnglish Animation Short

A Moment In The Reeds

Mikko Makela1h 47mFinlandEnglish, Finnish Narrative Feature
On holiday from university, Leevi returns to his family’s summer cottage in Finland to help his estranged and bitter father with renovations. When the father is called back to the city for business, Leevi is left alone with Tareq, a Syrian refugee, hired by his father to help out. The potential for more than a romance unfolds as they share their dreams and so much more.

Brunch Filmmaker Panel

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Brunch Filmmaker Panel
1hEnglish Workshop/Panel

Catfood Sandwich

In this Program
Catfood Sandwich
30mEnglish MUSIC

Chameleon Treat

In this Program
Chameleon Treat


Simon Hunter1h 42mGBEnglish Narrative Feature
A recently widowed, 83 year old British woman decides to fulfill her dream of scaling the imposing Mount Suilven in Scotland. With little training or proper gear, Edie heads for the Highlands and meets Jonny, who offers to serve as Edie’s guide for a price. After a rough start the two form an unlikely bond, as Jonny helps Edie prepare for her capricious quest.

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30mEnglish Documentary Short
Creating immersive experiences for the dome theater has become a hot new field for creative filmmakers. The wraparound VR-like environment allows for transformative experiences in art, nature and storytelling. Here you’ll see a sampling of some of the award-winning short pieces from the world recognized Fulldome Film Festival in Jena, Germany. Approx 30 minutes.

Festival Happy Hour & Crowdfunding Rally

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Festival Happy Hour 2018
HHM Crowdfunding Rally 2018


Julie Simone1h 36mUSAEnglish Documentary Feature
For over 80 years in Galax, Virginia at the the Old Fiddler's Convention, passing on the music from one generation to the next is as important as the lively performances by fiddlers and pickers, young and old. Fiddlin' is as much a celebration of a place and its people as it is a celebration of music. Every performance and every story in this small town festival fascinates and entertains.

Filmmaker Reception

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Filmmaker Reception 2018
2hEnglish Reception/Party

First Reformed

Paul Schrader1h 53mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
A priest of a small congregation in upstate New York grapples with mounting despair brought on by tragedy, worldly concerns and a tormented past.

Friday Night Music 2018

In this Program
Emily Blue
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC
Mover Shaker
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC
Anna Burch
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC

Friday Shorts Program 2018

In this Program
Limit of Wooded Country
Greg Takoudes14mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Gloria Talks Funny
Kendall Goldberg18mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Gaelynn Lea - The Songs We Sing
Mark Brown11mUSAEnglish Documentary Short
David Bashford23mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Night Call
Amanda Renee Knox18mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
I Am Life (Soy Vida)
Jose Alirio Rojas2mCosta RicaEnglish Animation Short
A Gentle Night (Xiao cheng er yue)
Yang Qiu15mChinaEnglish Narrative Short
Time Travel Dietician
Elliot Dinkerhoof5mUSAEnglish Narrative Short

Funny Story

Michael Gallagher1h 27mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
OPENING NIGHT FILM Walter is a middle-aged former TV star whose self-regard is exceeded only by his irresistible attractiveness to younger women. Kim is a sullen twentysomething and friend of Walter’s daughter Nic, who needs a ride to Nic’s retreat in Big Sur. Carpooling turns into chaos and Funny Story becomes a tragic comedy about a well-intentioned father who inadvertently wreaks havoc on the life of his estranged daughter. Scheduled to Attend: Matthew Glave (actor), Michael Gallagher (writer & director)

HHM Film Slam Short Film Competition

1h 45m
At this FREE event, all Film Slam competition short films entries will be premiered at Bay City's beautiful State Theatre, with awards and producer review following the screenings. The winning short will be viewed at the Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival's Saturday Michigan Shorts program at 11 am.

Hearts Beat Loud

Brett Haley1h 37mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
CLOSING NIGHT FILM Widower and aging Brooklyn hipster, Frank, starts a band with his teenage daughter Sam just before she leaves home to attend college in California. When a song of theirs finds some success online, it complicates Frank's attempts to let go of his dreams of stardom and allow his daughter to find her own path in life.

Hunting Lands

Zack Wilcox1h 23mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
Frank Olsen, a veteran turned recluse, witnesses the aftermath of a heinous crime on the normally tranquil, but desolate, wintery lands where he hunts and fends for himself. Instinctively, Frank collects the tarp-wrapped victim and quietly investigates and tracks the would-be killer circumventing the untrustworthy local police. Shot completely in Northern Michigan, Hunting Lands has a quiet intensity that makes this a must-see homegrown thriller.

Industrial Accident - The Story of Waxtrax! Records

Julia Nash1h 35mUSAEnglish Documentary Feature
The story of Waxtrax! Records, the famed record store turned recording label who launched industrial music icons Ministry, Front 242, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, and many more. Join Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher on a trip through the '80s underground as their revolutionary Chicago record store transforms into the pioneering label. A rise and fall story with lasting influences on the music landscape.

Man In Camo

Ethan Minsker1h 24mUSAEnglish Documentary Feature
As a kid Ethan Minsker gravitated toward D.C. punk’s roughest edges and developed dangerous fascinations. He could have ended up dead or in jail like many of his friends, but instead he found Betamax home movies, zines, performance art, and writing. He eventually founded an art movement dedicated to outsiders like himself. This sort of film auto-biopic is done in Minsker’s signature style, equal parts menacing and endearing.

Michigan Matinee Saturday Shorts 2018

In this Program
Carese Bartlett11mEnglish Narrative Short
The Big Five Dive
Elizabeth Kaiser22mEnglish Documentary Short
Shana Gagnon15mEnglish Narrative Short
Detroit Diamond
Hamoody Jaafar23mEnglish Narrative Short
Bret Miller7mEnglish Narrative Short
Dead Tooth
Laena Bradley13mEnglish Narrative Short
HHM Film Slam Judges Choice
7mEnglish Narrative Short

Michigan Matinee Sunday Shorts 2018

In this Program
Jacob Kirby11mEnglish Narrative Short
North Branch
Nick Nummerdor, Andrew J. Morgan19mEnglish Documentary Short
Nick Stumphauzer9mEnglish Narrative Short
Year Zero
David Siev15mEnglish Narrative Short
Smoke Break
Dave Fairman8mEnglish Narrative Short
Hill Climb
Nick Nummerdor, Andrew J. Morgan11mEnglish Documentary Short
Patiently Faithful
Vikas Patel17mEnglish Narrative Short
Heather Irvine9mEnglish Narrative Short

More Art Upstairs

Jody Hassett Sanchez1h 17mUSAEnglish Documentary Feature
Set against the backdrop of the Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize, this film is a relaxed and immersive look at an event that consumes the city for three weeks. The film follows artists, judges, the public, and organizers as they keep tabs on what’s trending. Prize winners are ultimately decided by the public and professionals with tension between both prizes. The film leaves you with the question “what makes good art and who gets to decide?”
Also in this Program
Sophie Linnenbaum9mEnglish Narrative Short

Opening Night Party

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Opening Night Party 2018


Joel Potrykus1h 31mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
With the impending Y2K apocalypse fast approaching, Abbie is faced with the ultimate challenge - the unbeatable level 256 on Pac-Man - and he can't get off the couch until he conquers it. A survival story set in a living room.
Also in this Program
We Summoned A Demon
Chris McInroy6mEnglish Narrative Short

Sarah Schingeck

In this Program
Sarah Schingeck

Saturday Night Music 2018

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Maps and Atlases
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC
The Curls
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC
30mUSAEnglish MUSIC

Saturday Shorts Program 2018

HHM Jury Nominations, Best Short: Teenage Threesome & Botanica

In this Program
Lane Lyle18mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Ryan Moser8mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Reber Dosky17mSyriaEnglish Documentary Short
House Rules
Sean Robinson12mUSAEnglish Narrative Short
Shady El-Hamus14mNetherlandsEnglish Narrative Short
Teenage Threesome
Arkadij Khaet4mGermanyGerman Narrative Short
Noël Loozen13mNetherlandsEnglish Narrative Short
Hair Wolf
Mariama Diallo12mUSAEnglish Narrative Short

Shut Up Anthony

Kyle Eaton1h 33mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
Anthony’s awkwardness is the kind that results in him saying odd things at inappropriate times, which ultimately has consequences. In the wake of personal and professional failure, Anthony retreats to a vacation home where he encounters a friend from his past who may just be avoiding his own issues. Current frustrations claw at old tensions forcing the two men to deal with each other and themselves.


Aaron Wertheimer1h 10mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
A mysterious drifter fixated on stone skipping shows up in a sleepy waterfront town. Hounded by a local realtor who is convinced that such shenanigans will lower property values, the skipper soldiers on meeting a host of colorful figures: sidekicks, love interests, backgammon junkies, Irish balladeers. Wertheimer’s absurdist comedy, crowdfunded by HHM and filmed in Bay City with the support of local talent, offers a touching meditation on the competing pulls of desire and necessity in making a purposeful life.
Also in this Program
The Legend of Bob Leonard
Will Kenning8mEnglish Narrative Short

Summer of '84

François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell1h 10mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
It’s the summer of 1984, and while some teenage boys are working paper routes and dreaming about the girl next door, other boys have gone missing. After suspecting that their police officer neighbor is a serial killer, a group of teenage friends spend their summer spying on him and gathering evidence, but as they get closer to discovering the truth, things get dangerous.

Sunday Shorts Program 2018

HHM Jury Nominations, Best Short: A Picture of Other People, Hey Katie This is Josh

In this Program
Alain Delannoy9mCanadaEnglish Documentary Short
The Contract
Pablo Gómez Castro17mEnglish & Spanish Narrative Short
A Picture of Other People
Jason Fitzgerald10mAustraliaEnglish Narrative Short
Mother Mother
16mEnglish Narrative Short
David Thibaut9mGermanyEnglish Narrative Short
Robin Rose Singer, Ruya Koman15mEnglish Narrative Short
Creature from the Lake
Renata Antunez, Alexis Bédué, Léa Bresciani, Amandine Canville, Maria Castro Rodriguez, Logan Cluber, Nicolas Grangeaud, Capucine Rahmoun-Swierczynski, Victor Rouxel, Orianne Siccardi, Mallaury Simoes5mFranceEnglish Animation Short
Love & Spirit
Helen Crosse10mGBEnglish Narrative Short
Hey Katie This is Josh
Avi Kaye & Jay Lee9mEnglish Narrative Short

Super Secret After Show

In this Program
1hAustraliaEnglish MUSIC

The Art of the Pitch

In this Program
The Art of the Pitch
2hEnglish Workshop/Panel

The Best of All Worlds (Die beste aller Welten)

Adrian Goiginger1h 40mAustriaGerman (English Subtitles)Narrative Feature
Seven-year old Adrian lives with his loving mother Helga in a world populated by a rotating cast of layabouts. Yet Helga and her friends’ never-ending party is fueled by an addiction that her young child struggles to comprehend. As they dodge confrontations with social workers and creepy dealers, it’s an open question whether Helga and Adrian can remain together or survive at all.

The Drawer Boy

Arturo Perez Torres, Aviva Armour-Ostroff1h 37mCanadaEnglish Narrative Feature
It’s 1971 and a Toronto performance troupe ventures out to Ontario’s countryside to research a theater project. Miles, a young actor, befriends two aging farmers, a gruff workhorse named Morgan and his lifelong friend Angus, who suffers from memory loss. As Miles observes their daily rituals and learns their secret stories, he comes to suspect that Morgan is a less reliable narrator than he lets on.

The Go-Getters

Jeremy LaLonde1h 20mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
Owen is a jobless, deadbeat drunk reduced to squatting under his brother’s bar. Lacie is a homeless pill-popping hooker who’s just been fired by her pimp. When fate brings them together at their lowest, they set aside their hatred for each other to scam, steal or scrounge $98 for bus tickets to leave the city for a small town where they hope to start new, less shitty lives.

Thunder Road

Jim Cummings1h 32mUSAEnglish Narrative Feature
Jim is a police officer who tries to come to grips with his mom’s death while giving a heartfelt eulogy at her funeral. It’s not pretty. Focused on trying to do what’s right and failing, his only comfort is his daughter whom he may lose in a custody battle to his ex-wife. It seems like no one is on his side and no one understands what he’s going through, not even himself.

Thursday Night Music - Moonbeau

In this Program
1hUSAEnglish MUSIC

Tribal Justice

Anne A Makepeace1h 27mUSAEnglish Documentary Feature
Two strong Native American women, both chief judges in their tribe's courts, strive to reduce incarceration rates and heal their people by restoring rather than punishing offenders, modeling restorative justice in action.

Zine Workshop - FREE!!!

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Zine Workshop - FREE!!!